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Romans 8

Declares Unto Me:

I Am A Child of GOD!

I Am an Heir of GOD!

I Am A Joint Heir with The Lord, Christ Jesus.

I Am More Than a Conqueror Through Christ Who Loves Me

& If GOD Be For Me, Who Can Be Against Me?

The 91st Psalm

Declares Unto Me That As Long As I Dwell in the Secret Place

of The Most High, Which Is The Word of GOD,

I Shall Abide Under the Shadow, The Protection, The Provisions of The Almighty GOD!

It Further Bears Witness In Me That GOD Is My Refuge (My Hiding Place), My

Fortress (My Strength), and My GOD (the One Whom I Worship).

Because of This, I Am Not Afraid of the Snare of the Fowler or the Noisome

Pestilence. For A Thousand Shall Fall At One Side & Ten Thousand At My Right Hand, But, It Shall Not Come Near My Dwelling!

Only With Mine Eyes Shall I Behold & See the Reward of the Wicked!

Because GOD Is My Refuge and My Habitation; No Evil Shall Befall Me, Neither Shall Any Plague, Sickness or Dis-Ease Come Nigh My Dwelling.

WHY? Because GOD Gives His Angels Charge Over Me to Keep Me In All My Ways. Those Angels Are So Attentive Unto Me, They Bear Me Up In Their Hands Before I Dash My Foot Against a Stone.

1st Peter 2:9

Establishes My Identity – That is:

I Am A Chosen Generation!

I Am A Royal Priesthood!

I Am A Holy Nation!

I Am A Peculiar Person

I Have Been Called Out of Darkness and Placed Into My GOD’s Marvelous Light! *

Galatians 3

Assures Me That Christ Himself has Redeemed Me From The Curse of the Law and Released Me to the Blessings of Abraham. It Further Assures Me That if I

Belong to Christ (Which I Do) Then, I AM Abraham’s Seed and An Heir

According to The Promises. Some of Those promises Are Found in …

Deuteronomy 28

I Am Blessed In the City – I Am Blessed in the Country (or Field)

I Am Blessed Coming In – I Am Blessed Going Out!

The Fruit of My Womb, My Children Are Blessed!

I Am The Head and Not The Tail

I Am Above and Not Beneath

I Am The Lender and Not The Borrower

And Glory to GOD, I AM Debt Free and Walking Under an Open Heaven!

These Blessings are Steadily Overtaking Me Daily! One more thing -

The 91st Psalm

Assures Me,

With Long, Healthy, Prosperous, Purpose-filled Life Will my God Satisfy Me

And Show Me How Good It Is, How Marvelous It Is, How Wonderful It Is

To Be One of The Saved

Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah HALLELUJAH!!!

Compiled by Dr. Betty P. Peebles and, Landover, Maryland - ISBN#0-918925-68-1 All Rights reserved.

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