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Applied Faith Ministries International is here to walk with you on your journey to spiritual maturity. Learn more about our activities and workshops by browsing through our gallery. You may also read reviews from leaders we have worked with.


"Next Dimensional Living" - June 28, 2021 -

"Creative Power of Spoken Words" - March 23, 2022 -

"Operating in Spiritual Authority"September 21, 2022 -


"Awesome Presentation! Everyone needs to experience it!  Dr. Hannah has a different kind of ministry gift with a special anointing."

Pastor, Renée Smith, Inner Court Ministries, Baltimore, Maryland.

"PRAISE GOD!!! I am thankful for the opportunity of knowing Dr. Hannah Fornéy since 2008! As a friend, and Sister in Christ she has been a tremendous blessing to me and my faith! She has taught me how to use the Word of God, and apply it to my life daily. My favorite scripture is Isaiah 43:18-19. Ms. Forney, has taught me how to let go of my past, and constantly FOCUS on the present and future knowing and believing GOD will lead me and guide me to a bright future!"

Bernita O. Shipp, Independent Business Consultant, Total Life Changes, Ft Lauderdale, FL

"I have been extremely blessed and graced by God to know Dr. Hannah Fornéy for decades of which we have been very closely knitted in the spirit. This mighty Woman of God is just so powerful alone in her joy of an ever consistent life of prayer, praise and worship. Through the strength of that relationship, I have seen the Holy Spirit greatly anoint and endow her with extraordinary gifts and skills to enhance and impact the body of Christ while advancing Kingdom work. Ms. Forney is for certain one that has come to the Kingdom of God for such a time as this, who surely is a supernatural force that the devil's kingdom will have to reckon with."

Apostle Lawrence DeArmon Dorsey, St. John's Global Ministries of the Kingdom, Staten Island, NY

"You continue to inspire us to reach higher heights as we climb life's most challenging mountains. I am so proud of your ongoing drive to motivate when we might otherwise stagnate. I am bursting with pride over your vision and accomplishments. "

R.M. Shiver, Ph. D. Director, Social Services, Pender County, North Carolina (Retired)

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